Signature Cocktails

Red Hammer Bloody MaryRed Hammer

A 13 ingredient house made Bloody Mary mix combined with Mastermind Vodka and a sriracha house rub rim. Garnished with a wood fired Applewood bacon strip, celery, pepperoni, gorgonzola stuffed olives and a sliced jalapeno. $8 | O’Fallon

Crush Bar’s Flava-ritas

The Crush Bars flavored Margaritas are stunningly flavorful and refreshing to the palate. They are made with 1921 Blanco Tequila, desired flavored liquor, and sweet and sour mix. Garnished with lime. Our flavors include your choice of: Red Raspberry, Crisp Green Apple, Luscious Watermelon, and Perfect Peach. $8 | O’Fallon

Whiskey SourCranberry Whiskey Sour

Savor the flavor of Buffalo Trace Whiskey gently mixed with Peel’s blend of lemonade, sweet-n-sour, cranberry juice and a hint of simple syrup. Excellent for a little winter warm up with refreshing citrus flavors. Garnished with a rosemary sprig and cranberry spear. $8 | O’Fallon

Apple Cinnamon Mule

Our version of the famous Moscow Mule infuses the flavors of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and Apple Liqueur. In addition, the apple and lime juice, ginger syrup, and Peel Brewing Co.’s ALTerior Motive make this complex mule a must have. $8 | O’Fallon

Peel’s Perfect Manhattan

Not for the faint of heart, or a weak palate. This iconic cocktail is served using small batch Bulleit 95 Rye Whiskey, equal parts of Martini and Rossi Sweet and Dry Vermouths and Peychaud’s Cocktail Bitters and a splash of cherry juice. Served up or on the rocks. $8 | O’Fallon

Peel’s Red Fall Sangria

Quench your thirst with this deep red sangria made with Douglass Hill Sweet Red Wine, Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum, apple and cranberry juices, a mixture of fruits, and a pinch of cinnamon sugar. Garnished with a blueberry and strawberry spear. $9 | O’Fallon

Crush Bar’s Long Island Sampler

Experiment and enjoy Peel’s collaboration of Top Tier Long Island Teas. Collectively made with Mastermind Vodka, Prichard’s Rum, Pinckney Gin, 1921 Tequila and Cointreau. Traditional Long Island and Long Beach Teas are accompanied by a Raspberry and Sky Blue Long Island Ice Tea. Served in five ounce glasses and garnished with lemons. $12 | O’Fallon