About Us

Meet the Chef Owners

When the owners are chefs, every recipe decision is based on the quality of ingredients, the taste experience, and the passion to create something amazing.

Patrick Thirion has a degree in Baking and Pastry from Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky. He has traveled extensively, and refined his culinary skills working in luxury hotels, country clubs and fine restaurants. His passion is Thai, Southern French and Italian cuisine. Many of Peel’s menu items are inspired by these European and Asian flavors.

Brandon Case began his culinary experience with 10 years of military service cooking for our soldiers. He had the opportunity to discover the local tastes of many cultures, learning culinary techniques from chefs all over the world. Brandon’s passion is in baking and pastry making — which explains why the Peel pizza crust is so amazingly light and delicious.

Brandon and Patrick grew up in this area and chose to open their restaurants in Edwardsville and O’Fallon because these are growing communities that were ripe for a new dining experience.

Cooking with Fire

We cook in a Mugnaini-built wood-burning oven. We use white and red oak for its clean taste, high BTUs (British thermal units) and mild ash bed. All of our pizzas, wings, appetizers, and entrees are cooked to perfection at a consistent 800 degrees.

The blaze of the oven leaves its unique mark on all of our foods with a signature charred bubble on the crust of our pizzas, and an addicting caramelized char on our wood-fired wings.