Chocolate Banana Mousse

rich chocolate mousse, banana mousse and brown sugar banana cake enrobed in dark chocolate ganache served with a spiced rum banana brulee

$6.99 | Clayton

Carrot Cake

crushed pineapples, walnuts and a cream cheese icing, served with brown sugar bruleed pineapples

$7.99 | Clayton | New!

Chef Cheesecake

ask your server for the current selection

$7.99 | Clayton | New!


house made tiramisu with coffee-soaked lady fingers, cognac mascarpone cream and finished with cocoa powder, fresh raspberries and dark chocolate curls

$6.99 | Clayton, Edwardsville

nutella s’mores pizza

chocolate hazelnut spread, wood fired marshmallows, graham crackers

$10.99 | Clayton, Edwardsville, O'Fallon

seasonal fruit pizza

fresh seasonal fruit and berries, vanilla bean custard, white chocolate curls

$10.99 | Edwardsville & O'Fallon