Weekly Specials


Apricot Chicken Pizza

House made apricot sauce, mozzarella cheese, wood fired chicken, roasted red pepper, cream cheese, carrot, green onion and cilantro.

12.99 | Edwardsville | Weekly Special!
Salad Wrap

Chicken Waldorf Salad Wrap

Wood fired chicken, apples, walnuts, celery, and red grapes tossed in a light herb honey yogurt dressing, with romaine lettuce wrapped in a grilled jalapeno cheddar tortilla

$11.99 | O'Fallon | Weekly Special!

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Italian cream pudding with fresh berries and caramel sauce
$7.99 | O'Fallon | Weekly Special!
Nacho Pizza

Ballpark Chicken Nacho Pizza

Wood fired chicken, nacho cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, jalapeƱo, finished with sour cream and tri-color tortilla strips.
$12.99 | O'Fallon | Weekly Special!
Turtle Cheesecake Image

Turtle Cheesecake

House-made cheesecake with chocolate ganache, caramel, candied pecans on a graham cracker pecan crust.
$6.99 | Edwardsville | Weekly Special!

Raspberry Almond Apple Salad

spinach tossed in a raspberry jam vinaigrette with sunflower seeds, toasted almonds, granny smith apples, dried cranberries and feta cheese,

$7.99 | Edwardsville | Weekly Special!

Turkey Bacon Wrap

turkey, bacon, spinach, cream cheese ranch, fontina, roma tomatoes in a jalepeno cheddar tortilla served with house made potato salad.

$13.99 | Edwardsville | Weekly Special!