Menu Highlight: Coppa Pizza

Cured meats are a culinary staple across Italy, and one that stands out among them is coppa. 

While this delectable cold cut looks similar to salami due to its marbled fat, coppa is actually a whole cut of meat taken from a single muscle. 

In this article, you'll learn what coppa is, how it's made, and how you can pair coppa with other foods and enjoy it on pizza.

What Is Coppa?

Coppa, also referred to as capicola or capocollo, is made from the pig's collar or neck fillet. This cut boasts a perfect balance of meat and fat, resulting in a delightful marbling that contributes to its distinctive flavor profile.

The Art of Making Coppa

The proper combination of seasoning, curing, and drying is necessary to create the flavorful and tender cured meat that is coppa.

• First, the pork is seasoned in a marinating tub with wine, herbs, and spices.

• The meat is then cured using a specific blend of salt and other curing agents, such as nitrates or nitrites, to preserve it.

• After the curing process, the meat is hung to dry in controlled environments with the correct levels of humidity and temperature. This drying process allows the meat to develop its rich flavors and tender texture.

The specific techniques and recipes for making coppa can vary regionally and among producers, resulting in variations in flavors and seasonings used. Recipes may include additional ingredients like fennel seeds, garlic, cloves, juniper berries, or bay leaves. For a spicer version, cayenne pepper, paprika, or red chili flakes may be added.

How to Enjoy Coppa

While coppa is great on its own, it pairs well with an assortment of other flavors!

• Serve thinly sliced coppa with cheeses like aged cheddar or creamy brie. Or, add pear slices for sweetness or pickled radishes for a tanginess and crunch.

• Arrange thin slices of coppa on a charcuterie board alongside a variety of cheeses, fruits, crackers, jams, and other cured meats.

• Opt for coppa on pizza. Its savory flavor blends nicely with other traditional pizza toppings like cheese, tomatoes, and herbs.

Coppa Pizza at Peel Wood Fired Pizza

If you're craving coppa, go to Peel Wood Fired Pizza to indulge in our Coppa Pizza or House Salad, each topped with a combination of high-quality ingredients. 

The Coppa Pizza has coppa, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and oregano arranged on a crust that stays true to traditional Neapolitan pizza, with a very thin crust at the base and dough that puffs up around the sides. The House Salad is another favorite among our patrons, made with mixed greens, coppa, hard-cooked egg, red onion, croutons, and our delicious house vinaigrette.

Make your way to one of Peel Wood Fired Pizza’s locations and treat yourself today!